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The core trend behind international technology is connectivity. The simplicities of transferring, creating and receiving data are what establish our new international grounds. Global citizens, for the first time, have direct access to one another. This type of connectivity has led to wars, overthrown governments, and instituted political change. There are more influences that technology has on global relations.


The Growth of Cybersecurity

2020 sets the highest standards for the safety of international relations. Wireless technology makes social and geographical barriers non-factors in communication. Securing these connections and networks is the only way for global relations to improve. Keeping global networks secure is also lucrative work. The work has led to the following technologies that secure our world stage:


Using Artificial Intelligence

The mind of artificial intelligence (AI) that once frightened society is now a useful resource for international ties. The accuracy and speed that AI works with make it the ideal tool for securing global communications. It tracks fraud, data breaches, and suspicious activities. This type of AI power can evaluate patterns, behaviors, and crime as it happens.


Using Blockchain

Blockchain, as a young technology, stands at the center of international relations. The past delays in international transactions are no longer a necessary facet. Blockchain makes it easier to quickly do business with foreign entities. The encryptions it uses makes it the safest transfer of data that we have.


Using the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is still building the infrastructure it needs to become more common in the lives of everyday people. This technology is best described as the digital connection of everything. Being able to fly to London but monitor a physical item in Idaho is what IoT achieves for us. National boundaries are becoming less important in human relations. Expect even more international growth as IoT makes location a non-factor.


Challenges—Military Growth and Improved Weaponry

Weaponry is a challenge for the global development of wireless technology. The same hardware that improves our global relations also poses a few threats. Weapons are improving through the systems that we benefit from. Adapting to this has resulted in a society of related nations that are now working together.