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World hunger, at one point, was a global crisis that we had worked towards decreasing for several years. Unfortunately, in the last few years, we have seen a steady increase in global hunger, which studies have shown is directly correlated to climate change and war. In 2015, a study was done on what the leading cause of deaths was in children, and 45% was due to poor nutrition. Hunger and poverty are a significant global issue that needs to be addressed, and one of the first ways to do so is by taking a look at climate change and what we can do to curb the causes of climate change around the world.

Poverty has always come in as one of the leading causes of hunger around the world. An increase of people living in poverty decreases their ability to obtain the right nutrition needed for themselves and their children. This can also be directly linked to the area of the world they are living in and what the levels of poverty reside in that specific region. Because of the drastic increase in climate change and natural disasters all over the world, hunger rates have begun to increase.

A few specific issues around the world have become directly correlated with world hunger. The never-ending disputes in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria have led to hunger within these regions of the world and created a decrease in the food supply. One of the other major issues is the crude oil price drop that continues to affect many different areas. South America and Venezuela are two countries that have been affected by the crude oil price drop which as led to a large number of economic problems, and ultimately people fleeing the country due to the lack of food.

Not everyone sees or understands the effects of climate change because it is not always right in front of them. Increases in natural disasters and climate-related disasters, including droughts, storms, and floods, as well as extreme heat, are all leading causes of climate change and are detrimental to making our economy sustainable. Each has continued to rise significantly since the early 1990s and has not let up since.

In order to combat world hunger, attitudes and initiatives will need to change drastically. There is a large number of work that must come to the forefront of our attention to aid in providing the right nutrition to people and countries around the world.