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International relations is a discipline within political science that entails the relationship between different countries around the world. Some countries enjoy good international relations while other countries have restrained international relations owing to difference in ideologies, cultural or economic competition. Here are some of the foundations of international relations.

Promoting Trade between Nations
One of the fundamental foundations of international relations is to promote trade between nations. Some countries have formulated successful trade policies that allow them to exchange goods and services. Most of the countries around the world sell to a friendly state what they produce in large quantities and buy some products or services that they don’t produce from another friendly country. Successful trade policies promote a mutual dependency between nations.

Promoting Travel between Countries
The other obvious benefit of international relations is that it allows individuals to travel from one country to another. Some of the main reasons behind international travel include tourism, business-related activities, and permanent relocation. Inter-country traveling is highly restricted and is only flexible and easy between friendly countries. Some countries restrict citizens from enemy countries from entering their nation.

Advancing Human Culture
It is common knowledge that international relations play a vital role in promoting human culture. This is done when individuals from different cultures interact and exchange some important cultural behaviors. Some countries have even formulated policies and guidelines that will enhance the exchange of cultural beliefs and characteristics with other nations, especially those with significant cultural relations such as African or Asian countries.

Cooperation between Nations
Countries with good international relations have been collaborating on various projects and policies with the aim of advancing each country’s interests. For example, some states have been pooling resources together with the objective of tackling various global problems as a combined force. Others have been sharing intelligence information to fight terrorism and drug trafficking. Most of the issues that countries handle together are global issues that are not within the borders of a single country such as climate change and HIV/AIDs epidemic.

Currently, some countries continue to strengthen their international relations with friendly countries by developing policies that benefit each member. However, international relations between other countries continue to get sour to the extent that some countries remain prepared for any eventuality, including war.